Compact Hand Bonder

Compact Hand Bonder OX-10-2

The OX-10 Bonder is a commercial machine designed to industrial standards. It has been in use worldwide since 1980.

Fasteners can be installed in any position and placed from 5/8 to 1-13/16 inches as measured from an edge of a folder to the center line of the metal prongs. It is also possible to apply fasteners back to back having fasteners on both sides of the same flap or divider. Speeds of up to 700 fasteners have been achieved. No special electrical connections are required.

Each time the operator cycles the machine, a fastener is unwound from the roll, advanced, cutoff, delivered and oriented to the operator. The operator inserts the fastener and a folder into the heated bonding head. The entire bonding operation takes 0.66 seconds.