Permclip® Products is a leading manufacturer of file folder fasteners and filing accessories for the Office Products industry. Founded in Buffalo, New York in 1971, the headquarters and manufacturing facility remain in Western New York State. The bonded fastener was invented by the founder of permclip® who was committed to manufacturing the finest quality and strongest bonded fastener on the market. We use a thermoplastic resin fusion system that permanently embeds the non-woven fabric overlay deep into the fibers of the folder, locking onto the cellulose pulp fibers. This achieves a permanent attachment that exceeds any and all performance requirements for any fastener. In fact, the permclip® bonded fastener is the strongest and most permanent fastener in the world.

Because the bonded fastener requires heat to activate the fusion system, application machinery had to be developed to install our fasteners. Through the years several types of machines were developed based on the needs of our customers. Our machines have been enhanced with updated versions to increase their productivity, safety and ease of operation.

In addition, we manufacture fasteners and filing accessories that require no machinery and can be directly applied by hand.

The sophisticated manufacturing processes at permclip® have been developed over the past four decades to achieve the highest standard and quality that the market demands.

Sales activity has expanded in recent years with permclip® now exported to over 20 countries worldwide. The permclip® fastener has evolved to be a world leader of reliable fastener systems.

Today, permclip® remains committed to producing the finest quality products at a competitive price while providing our customers with the service and satisfaction they have come to expect over more than 40 years.