Designed for higher-volume manufacturers, the Automatic Mark III can install fasteners on file folders as well as single sheets (file backs, dividers, and indexes).

The operator loads the feeder with stock and a fastener(s) are cut off, heated and bonded to the folder or sheet. The finished product goes to a conveyor that automatically counts and separates the finished product for easy packaging. Two optional feeders are available. Both feeders can install fasteners on file folders or single sheets.

The file folder feeder will install fasteners in positions 1, 2, 3 or 4. It will handle file folders upto 16-1/4" long and 10-1/4" wide.

The bottom feeder is designed to install fasteners on single sheet stock. Fasteners can be installed in any position. It will handle sheets up to 16-1/4"long and 13" wide depending on the position of the fasteners. Machine modifications can be made for unique customer applications.